Our Medical Team

Professional skin care with medical aesthetics as the core

DermaCurel ®was founded with the goal of caring for sensitive and fragile skin and rebuilding skin after medical aesthetic treatments.
From product design to research and development, we always focus on calming, curing and correcting the skin, so that our skin can return to a healthy state like a newborn baby.
There is no glamorous packaging, but each product is the best choice for sensitive and fragile skin.
After active promotion, DermaCurel ® is a very popular brand in Taiwan. It has been highly evaluated and loved by all websites, media reports, medical channels, clinics and pharmacies.


Central Clinic & Hospital

Address:106 9th Floor, No. 77, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City


ShuTien Clinic & Hospital

Address:106 No. 276, Section 2, Jianguo South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City



R&D Physicians

He specializes in the three major specialties of “Dermatology”, “Medical Aesthetics”, and “Hair Restoration”, and is also a consultant for major professional skin care product manufacturers and medical laser equipment vendors in Taiwan.
He is the pioneer and pioneer of medical aesthetics in Taiwan and has more than 20 years of experience in medical aesthetics, with an endless passion for medical aesthetics and unending expertise in research.
He has many years of professional experience and a spirit of continuous innovation in research and development, and his greatest achievement comes from the breakthrough and challenge of aesthetic medicine.


-Director of Laser Beauty Center, Central General Hospital
-Director of Dermatology Surgery, Shu-Tian Dermatology Clinic and Laser Center
-Graduated from the College of Medicine, National Taiwan University(NTU)
-Specialist in Dermatology and Laser Medicine Association of the Republic of China
-Former Attending Physician in the Dermatology and Laser Center of Wanfang Hospital
-Former Attending Physician in the Dermatology Department of Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
-Former Attending Physician in the Department of Dermatology, Chang Gung Children’s Hospital
-Medical Equipment Procurement Review Committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare




– 中心綜合醫院雷射美容中心主任
– 書田皮膚科診所暨雷射中心皮膚外科主任
– 台大醫學院醫學系畢業
– 中華民國皮膚科與雷射醫學會專科醫師
– 曾任萬芳醫院皮膚科及雷射中心主治醫師

Dermacare 3C skin care steps

Skin condition is not static, it changes with age, environmental conditions, temperature and seasons.

DermaCurel ® The Sensitive Care Profession, emphasizes all changes in skincare, and with the background of a professional doctor as an endorsement, we have developed a complete range of products to meet the needs of different skin conditions.
What should I do when my skin is unstable?

DermaCurel ® 3C skin care steps, if you follow us patiently, you will have healthy and beautiful skin.



Unstable skin is like a child with an unstable temperament.
When a child is in a bad mood, the first thing to do is to deal with the child’s emotions. So when the skin is uncomfortable, it is important to calm the skin first, that is, to relieve the skin of its discomfort.



After unstable skin has been calmed down, it is time to repair the damage and return the skin to a stable state.



After the skin has been repaired and returned to a stable state, the skin needs continuous correcting to restore its original vitality and return to new skin.


Listen to Your Skin
Restore Skin Vitality

DermaCurel ® 3C skin care steps, Calm, Cure, and Correct,
Listen to your skin needs,
Understanding the real needs of your skin,
Restoring the health and vitality of new skin.