Amino Acid Moisturizing Mousse

Dermacurel Amino Mousses Foaming Cleanser 200ml

Dermacurel Amino Mousses Foaming Cleanser


Features:The high concentration of amino acid formula gently and deeply cleanses the skin without tightening and at the same time gives the skin a moisturized and smooth feeling after washing.

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Main ingredient

Amino Acid surfactants, Botanical Emollient Factor, Green Tea, Ginkgo, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Allantoin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrating Magnet, Esterified Olive Oil, Esterified Coconut Oil, Apocynol, Water.

Product Description

  • The product has a super dense foam that hydrates and moisturizes the skin after washing.
  • Natural and weak acidic pH 5.5, no soap base and chemical synthetic surfactant, will not cause skin sensitivity and fragility
  • The product uses natural amino acid as a surfactant, which makes the skin moisturized, soft, repairing and soothing at the same time after cleansing.

Applicable situations

It is suitable for all types of skin, especially recommended for dry, fragile and sensitive skin and after professional medical aesthetics.


After wetting the face, take an appropriate amount of mousse and massage gently onto the face, and enhance the cleaning of the T-zone.
It is recommended to cleanse twice to achieve pore cleansing and deep moisturization.


Dermacurel Amino Mousses Foaming Cleanser 200ml